Hot spring of the Siberian Knights

Hot spring of the Siberian Knights

The spring of 2018 does not spoil us with good weather and warmth, so the guys warmed up as best they could! Endless training and preparation for two championships: Siberia and Russia!

Yevgeny Safonov, Arseniy Sultanov together with his students - Surin Andrey and Makrushin Mikhail visited the seminar of Alexander "Grandfather" Faria in Tomsk. Alexander "Grandfather" Faria is the acknowledged master of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the owner of the black belt. The seminar lasted 7 hours, 2 trainings were conducted and our fighters - Arseniy Sultanov and Eugene Safonov deserved three strips per purple belt. This indicates the growth of theoretical knowledge and combat skills.

The Championship of Siberia in MMA Combined Martial Arts (held April 3-4) in the category up to 84kg was won by Arseniy Sultanov. He held three meetings and completed all three ahead of schedule.

After the Championship of Siberia, the soldiers devoted their time and efforts to the preparation for the Championship of Russia, which was held on May 12-13. But because of the injuries received during the training, it was decided to skip this event in order to focus all of its resources on professional battles.

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